Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting my Oscar...

Every parent over time learns to decipher their children's cries..You know by the volume, the tone..
exactly how fast you need to get to them. Is it a "I fell of my bike and scraped my knee" cry? Or the more serious "My brother hit me in the nose with a snow shovel, and I definitely need to go to the E.R. because my face is gushing blood" cry. Thankfully, I have dealt more with the skinned knee sort of cry. (although the snow shovel incident did indeed happen) In fact, over time, I have gotten pretty good at knowing when to run and when to saunter. Except when it comes to Oscar. Out of all my kids, Oscar has aged me the most.

Oscar loves words. He loves mimicry, and he has quite the imagination. All wonderful things. My problem is, that he gets so caught up in the game that he is playing, he forgets that it is a game. So much that he can and often does convince me at times that he is in dire peril. "HELP MAMA!!! I'M STUCK!" There I go, running frantically.."Where are you!!! I'm coming!" Only to find him lying under one of the dining room chairs, perfectly capable of getting himself out. "Oscar, you scared me! I thought that you were really in can't do that.." "OOPS, sorry Mama..I made a mistake. I was pretending I was Thomas and my tender got stuck." Sigh..I have come to loathe Thomas and all little his tank engine friends..

Oscar has a way with words. He didn't really start speaking in sentences until he was almost six. At eight, his expressive language can be a little confusing. Sometimes I am not always sure what exactly he is trying to tell me. He has a unique way of expressing himself. "Oh no, I don't have a tree for the squirrels!" "What?, what squirrels?" "I need a tree, a tree for the nest!""Oscar, what nest? What squirrels?" "EEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!" and off he runs. I come to find later that he was thinking about an episode of "Clifford the Big Red Dog" I guess it was about homeless squirrels? Aren't there better ways to teach kids about raising social consciousness? But that's just my opinion.

He tries so hard, my curly headed wonder boy. At the store, in the park, in the restroom, if there is a person there, Oscar will introduce himself and our entire family, depending on who is with him. (we are working on the restroom thing) If you are wearing a name-tag, that is an open invitation to Oscar. Yesterday, at the deli counter, a young man by the name of Jim P. happened to be waiting on us. "Hi Jim P., my name is Oscar. This is my brother Sammy, and my sisters Lily and Zoe, and my mom Mrs. Leopold." I won't be surprised if one day he starts giving out our social security numbers as well. I think it is his genuine sincerity that attracts people to him. We have never gotten strange looks, nor has Oscar ever been ignored. He genuinely wants to meet people. He is a joyful boy. So very very funny as well.

Oscar knows how to make me laugh. He has a wonderful sense of humor-and knows just how to use it. If I am in a bad mood, cranky or just overtired, Oscar never fails to get a laugh out of me. There I'll be pacing and muttering to myself..Oscar will look at me and say "MAmaaaaa?""What?".."MAAAAMAaaaaa?" heavy sigh.."WHAT Oscar?!!" " FARMERS NIPPLES! heeheee! Say it mama! Say FARMERS NIPPLES!" "NO! I'm not going to say that!" "What won't you say Mama?" "Farmers nipples" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...mama said FARMERS NIPPLES! HAHAHAHA!" How can you not laugh?

He got me again the other day. There I was in the kitchen, when I hear "help mama! I'm stuck..only this time it was muffled. I casually looked around, thinking that maybe he was in the closet, or locked in the bathroom. I couldn't fine him. We had talked about places he wasn't allowed to get stuck-like refrigerators, car trunks..I was scared now..I could not find him-and he sounded desperate! I ran out the door...and there he was..he had indeed gotten himself stuck. He had somehow managed to squeeze his body into our cat carrier and couldn't get out. It took a load of patience and some strength, but ten minutes later, we managed to pull him free. "Oscar! please don't ever ever climb inside there again!" "Ooops, sorry Mama...I was just being stuck in a tunnel." sigh...I really don't like Thomas the tank engine.


Kim Wombles said...

Love it! And I completely agree with the Thomas the tank engine. I was SO glad when Bobby finally let Thomas go. Now, if only he'd let go of yugioh and other cartoons!

You know, our battle cry now needs to be farmers nipples. :-)

kathleen said...

Farmers nipples! it shall be..I wish Thomas would just die-really. I don't like him.

Kim Wombles said...

You could always try to interest him in pokemon, digimon, yugioh, or something. :-) They're just as bad, though.

Corina Becker said...

Oscar reminds me of myself. Friendly, cheerful, likes to make people laugh, prone to getting stuck in places (for me, it was HIGH places), and getting a little too caught up in pretending.
Except, I would hide and not come out when called. Especially in stores.

But there's a lot of aspies and auties who like anime and manga... and I'm not just saying this because there's a yugioh deck on my desk next to me and a large amount of anime on my hard drive.... :D

Elaine Caul said...

This story really made me laugh! I used to love watching a puppet called "Pob" on TV (late 80's). He used to spit a lot during the show, so I just copied him. My brother Daniel loves watching "Big Brother" and reading about celebrities, especially if they're caught getting really drunk and fighting a lot. I dread to think what he's going to be like when he's grown up!

Casdok said...

Aww bless him!
Ive been trying to ween C off Thomas for a few years now. I really dont like Thomas either!

michele_k said...

J was never into Thomas but he loved dinosaurs, especially The Land Before Time movies. He used to act out scenes from the movies all the time. There were quite a few times he made me worry and others he had me laughing.

jazzygal said...

Hi Kathleen...oh Oscar is just adorable! Soo funny and very sociable...keeps you on your toes for sure!

Yep, Thomas was a big hit in our house too. "Too babyish " now...apparantly. We have other obsessions, sorry I mean interests now! I'm not tellin my guy about Farmers nipples....I'd never hear the end of it!! He LOVES "bold" words!!

Thanks for sharing your story..made me laugh! x Jazzy

kathleen said...

@corina-My Sammy has just dicovered the joy of anime! @kim-pokeman already lives here as is nice to talk to other people who loathe Thomas as well...I am starting to believe that Thomas is a cult!@3laine-I have to go look up that show now! Big brother? that is too funny!@Misha-mine memorize scenes from movies as well! Oscar has just discovered land before time! @ Jazzy girl-:) Farmers nipples IS one of the tamer statements! I can't wait to outgrow Thomas..I don't know if it is ever going to happen though..

denise said...

Wow- he is even bigger than I was thinking.That pic is PRICELESS-you're so lucky he was wearing clothes! Scarlett got trapped in the dryer once, but she was only wearing panties-no pics for me. matter of fact, that's one of the things I was muttering to her as I was trying to help her out"Great Scarlett, now I'm going to have to call the Fire Department, and after they get you out, they'll drill ME about why the hell you're naked!"

How the hell would I know?