Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At least we're dressed....kind of..

"Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour"

author unknown (to me)

I used to love doing the laundry. Fresh towels, clean underwear...your favorite pair of jeans all clean and folded. It was my once a week ritual..The washing, the drying-even putting it away. It was my quiet oasis in my otherwise very busy life. It gave me a sense of personal accomplishment. It was a joy to behold! Until I had children.

I don't know how it happens. How one small body can produce so much laundry. Yes, I have four kids, and it is understandable that they would add to the laundry pile. I think it is the sheer amount that they add that overwhelms me. Especially as some of them prefer not wearing clothes at all. My children, much of the time and especially when it is warm, prefer being naked. Or as naked as possible. I'll happen to glance in to the computer room, and there will be Oscar sitting at the desk, stark naked playing a game. "Uhh..Oscar?...Where are your clothes?" "Off." "Well I can see that they are off..Why are they off?" "I was hot." "Oscar! We don't play computer games naked!" (there was a time I would never have imagined saying such a thing) "Why not?" "Because it isn't polite." "Why isn't it polite?" "I don't know..it just isn't..please at least put pants on!!" "O.K. Mama." Sigh...it is starting to get a little weird. The other night, they were at the table eating dinner. I went to the kitchen to get something, and when I came back-they were all naked...well Sammy had shoes on..but otherwise, they weren't wearing anything. What's really strange was that I seem to be the only one who noticed. They continued eating as if nothing unusual had occurred. "Hey guys?....what's going on?" They all just look at me as if to say "What? Huh?..What do you mean?" So I did what I thought best "If anyone wants dessert, they need to put their pajama's on" Ha! Two can play at that game.

I understand why they don't always like clothes. Tags, scratchy materials even the feeling of something on their skin can sometimes be too much for them. So I try not to stress too much on them being naked. I do however draw the line at public nudity. This is something that Zoe has the biggest problem with. To her, being dressed can mean wearing a full outfit or just shoes. I can't tell you the amount of times I've called "Come on guys, we're going to the store" in will run Zoe...braids flying, pocket book and necklace on...wearing just one sock. She's learning..albeit slowly. Hey, at least she doesn't take her pants off outside anymore. She'll get there on her own schedule. Look at Sammy. There was a time he refused to wear shoes. Now he never takes them off-even at night. Although I did get him to switch to slippers for bed time. I take total responsibility for this. He was eighteen months old and he wanted to walk in the snow. He was furious that I was insisting he put boots on. He did not see the point. He put up such a fuss, that in my frustration...I let him. I allowed him to walk in the snow with bare feet. (I still burn with shame over this one) It took him less then a minute to realize that maybe boots wouldn't be such a bad idea. I haven't seen his feet in years...sigh..

April second is autism awareness day. I'm not sure what I think about that. Am I supposed to be "extra" aware? Or am I supposed to make others aware? I am all for discussing autism, enlightening and educating people. I will do most anything to promote acceptance and inclusion. I will do that ANY day. That is part of my job-of being a mom to these four wonderful kids. It has been suggested that we wear either blue or multi-colored shirts on that day as well. I'm sorry, but that is where I have to draw the line. I guarantee that as a family we will do our best to promote awareness, acceptance, inclusion and change. sigh...I can't guarantee that all of us will be fully clothed. Not yet at least...


Jen said...

Ah, clothing yes, we have similar problems here, with both the washing of and wearing of them. Our Tutor wants to teach my todder (with autism) some dressing/undressing skills. I am holding out because once he knows how to take them off..................you get that right?? :)

Also, re the 18 month old and snow, don't burn with same at all girl, I once put my eldest out in the lashing rain at about the same age. He wanted to go and wasn't going to give in, so I did. He got wet and we never had to face the 'but its raining.....I waaaaaaant go out........but its raining' chat again :D


Kim Wombles said...

Hah, the boy was naked until he was 11 and it finally dawned on him that no one else was. End of that issue. :) The girlies still go around the house in various states, but we bought them bras a couple years ago, so they're into the girlie-girlie thing of matching bras and panties--total nudity fixed. Now if we can convince the littlest that pull-ups don't need to be worn halfway into the day and that just because you're in one is no excuse to intentionally wet it, we'll be making progress.

I'm not sure many of us really need to wear a particular color to draw attention to autism. I think a lot of our families just scream it right on out. What if instead of wearing a special color, we all descended on Walmart at the same time? That would raise awareness and then some!

Bard said...

You know what. I like naked time. There are just some days I like having nothing on but what the creator gave me.

Though I understand it's inappropriate now, but occasionally would like a little time to be free of the textile slavery *wink*

Anonymous said...
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Casdok said...

C also thankfully grew out of naked in public.
Love your opening quote.
I also do autism awareness all year round! Clothes optional.