Monday, December 24, 2012

Joyful E

~"The world is extremely interesting to a joyful soul"~Alexandra Stoddard 

Twas the night before Christmas and somewhere in the house...this mother was hiding with a very large egg nog and rum because her children were out of their minds with excitement. They were so very very loud and shrill that she just had to go and hide with a very large..beverage. 

Some presents were set round the tree with great flair...and shaken and prodded by children screaming "whats in there?!!"...Really-they are screaming it...have been for the past three days...each day getting a little bit louder

I don't really mind.  Christmas at our house is great fun. It's just the last few hours of Christmas eve that can be tiring ...wearing even..make me greet my egg nog like a long lost friend...

Ever since school let out on Friday..their excitement has been slowly building..the girls have been either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. So much so- that in these past few days  I don't think that even they know what they are to each other anymore. Sam, ever the fourteen year old has separated from the herd.  He's off listening to music, watching movies or drawing.  I believe he thinks himself too mature to get involved in the excitement. *sigh* I am looking forward to his twenties-when he is done being grown up.  Oscar has been eeeeeing. In the morning, in the evening, in the shower, in his bed...Non stop eeeeing.  He stims-that's who he is. It isn't like he he sits down and thinks "gosh I'm stressed out-I think I'll stim." It is his way of getting the anxiety out. We don't really even notice is just part of the background noise that is our home.. all kind of got to me the other day...after listening to the girls argue for the fifty millionth time...and the phone ringing non stop...and finding out Omar's gift would not be delivered on time for Christmas...and Omar's car not starting..and Oscars non stop eeeeing-I was a bit out of my mind stressed. I kind of lost it...over reacted if you will(Think George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life"-when the bank examiner is after him)."Could you all please Be QUIET!!! I am tired of this non stop fighting from you you want me to call Santa?  Really-I don't have a problem doing that!  And Oscar!!  Could you please say something other than "E?" about "A?" or "O?"...or maybe say a whole word like "eeeeeeeelectrician" or "eeeeeeventual"???"On and on I went...while my kids just looked at me like I was the one who was I had lost my mind!  Me!  *sigh*  Thankfully-having the kids that I do...they shrugged it off .They are pretty good at dealing with my sometimes silly moods-figuring out when I am being ridiculous.  Still, I felt bad.  No one needs a shrew for Christmas-especially their mother.

  So this morning, I made sure to get up a little earlier than the kids. I wanted a little time to myself..a few minutes of peace and quiet..  I still had a few million last minute things to do and  I wanted to get them out of the way so that we could just enjoy the day together.  I was sitting drinking coffee and just staring when Oscar came down stairs.  I said-"Hey buddy-Merry Christmas eve!"...He looked at me smiling and said.."Don't you mean..Merry Christmas eeeeeeve?"  "Ha!-I guess I do!".You know? I really am one lucky mother.

So, It is just a few hours till bed time.  The kids are upstairs making lots of noise and chatter..I am sending Omar up there to see what is the matter.(because I'm smart) He came down and told me it wasn't a fight.  They were just so excited-Santa was coming tonight. So I'll end this here..I'm keeping this light..Merry Christmas to all and to all (especially Sam, Oscar, Lily and Zoe) a Good Night! 

Merry Christmas-Happy New Year-or Happy whatever it is that you celebrate.  I wish you all a year full of peace and love. 


Looking for Blue Sky said...

It IS a wonderful life really, despite stimming and other annoying things! Hope you have a lovely day today x

Bright Side of Life said...

Oh the joys! I hope you enjoyed your egg nog and that Christmas Day went well.

kathleen said...

@Looking for Blue Sky-We was a lovely joyful day...I was able to get a little time to myself-which made all the difference..I hope that yours was wonderful as well..:)

@Bright side of life-I did enjoy my eggnog! Thoroughly! :) It was a wonderful day...I hope that yours was as well..