Saturday, May 2, 2015

The shape of things to come..

        ~"And you, of the tender years can't know the fears
            that your elders grew by
           And so please help them with your youth, 
           they seek the truth before they can die."~ Graham Nash


     So..spring seems to be FINALLY showing itself in our little town...the snow has finally melted, the birds are singing...there have even been a few sightings of the reclusive (at least for most of the very long winter in Maine) very pale legs-in shorts (even though it's forty degrees)...But the most definite sign for me is...that we have IEP meetings.   I'm up to four a year now,,which is my limit..unless of course one of my chickens happens to need services..Which you know?...At this point, I would not be surprised.

 I have to admit-I'm over it. I just don't feel like doing them anymore. Of course that doesn't keep me from going..But really-it's basically the same thing every year-for every kid..You go in with a specific set of things that you want for your child-a.k.a.-everything possible, and in return, you are given things that are deemed necessary for your child's education. Some times it's very little-and sometimes it is a whole lot. I wish that IEP meetings were held in bars.."I'll take a whiskey and forty five minutes of speech therapy" 

  This year was tough. I have had to come to terms with some things that are hard to explain. 
                                    "Will he be able to get a diploma?"
                                     "I don't think so-probably not."

 Yeah..This shouldn't be a shock...but it is. It shouldn't hurt...but it does. It isn't really about a isn't really about graduating...Honestly?  I don't much care. I don't worry about him-HE is great. The world however is a different story..It frightens me. I feel like the only thing we can do is to build him up..make him strong in who he is so that no one or no thing ever diminishes his light. That would be a tragedy. 

                                 "I have to die one day-unfortunately, it's inevitable."

 I have made that statement at least once a year in different IEP meetings for the past thirteen years. It is the truth and it is what drives me, I am going to die. I think that every parent worries about this at one time or another-for different reasons. I think about it a lot. Not in a morbid or creepy way-just...realistically.  I recently took a job for that very reason. All of my kids need to learn to be more independent,,and sure, I've heard "I liked when you stayed at home!" and "Why don't you call in sick?!" But I can't always listen to my subconscious. We all have to do things that are hard, like selling hemorrhoid creams and personal hygiene products.   My kids are fending for themselves a couple of hours a day..and it's a good thing. I'm not always going to be there to do their laundry or make lunches and cook dinner...hopefully it will be because I'm living in the South of France with Omar..and not because I'm dead...which I'm going to be one day (see?! I worry about this a lot) I think that they are enjoying this sense of freedom/independence..They are finding out that they are more capable than they knew. Mostly. We are having a few issues with "Who gets to be in charge"..and taking the time to read the list of chores that I have left them..but they are getting there..slowly. 

  So, I made it through another year of IEP's. We are getting what we think is necessary (services wise) for the kids. I'm lucky in that I have some very good people supporting them. There are things we need to work on..lots of things for me to worry about (besides my mortality) But I have hope..and humor and joy...and really great kids...and chickens that require far.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

Beautiful sky picture, and I hope you get many warm days to enjoy wearing shorts this summer.

Did you know that IEPs barely figure here at all? Smiley's school only reluctantly introduced them recently and the unions refuse to allow them at my son's school. They're still not the law you see. But every time I read a US blog about IEPs, I do wonder are they really worth it?

jazzygal said...

I love that photo too.

Yes, I have those dying thoughts too but banish them. I can't bear to think about it but I know I should. You are doing a great job in teaching them independence skills.

You're right about the diploma thing. My guy won't/can't study. I doubt his exam results will ever reflect his capabilities but in Ireland there are a few different routes to get the qualifications needed for the job that you want. At least I hope there will be for him.

Fingers crossed for all our kids. xx

kathleen said...

@ bluesky-I actually thought of you when I posted this picture..:)YES! IEP's are so worth it..they are the law-so whatever services that are agreed upon by the team-are
listed on the IEP and MUST be followed. If it isn't-the school will have trouble..As a parent, you have to pay attention. The IEP isn't the problem here-it is getting the services that you need approved for the IEP. I list as many things possible in my kids IEP's-from preferential seating-to be able to draw when they are listening to the teacher read etc.

@ Jazzy-yes! I do my best to banish them as well...but sometimes, late at night...*sigh* Fingers crossed that you will be able to get your boy all that he needs! :)

Stephanie Allen Crist said...

We usually have IEPs late in the year, because there's always a transition of some kind, but the big ones are in the winter--which is not a good way to start any season.

But I can honestly say I'm over it, too. They're--gasp!--normal now.

kathleen said...

@Stephanie..ha!'s all become normal now...strange that. :)