Friday, November 29, 2013


Just a photo post as I have guests for the holiday..

    Omar cooked not one-but two wonderful turkeys..I love turkey and look forward to days of turkey sandwiches!

The kids had their customary holiday pizza.

It was a lovely day spent with most of the people that I love best in this world.  I am thankful for that.  Actually, I am thankful for many many things..and they deserve a post. But, it would be horribly rude of me to disappear with my laptop to write, because I have guests AND especially because being thankful for those guests would be part of the post. Do you know what I mean?  So..a post is going to have to wait a few days..Until then-I hope that any friends that celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday..and for my many friends that don't celebrate it-I hope that you had a lovely Thursday.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

Actually I did have a lovely Thursday and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you're absolutely right to be enjoying the moment with your guests xx

jazzygal said...

Mmmm..... turkey! We have to wait 'til Christmas Day for ours!

I hope your family and your guests had a lovely Thanksgiving :-)

xx Jazzy