Saturday, May 17, 2014


~"Chaos is a friend of mine"~ Bob Dylan

  It has been quite a year for us. A hell of a year..a super crazy holy crap which way are we going- kind of year...and I'm getting  tired of it. Tired of the uncertainty, tired of some of the most bizarre behavior I have ever seen from (supposed) adults. There have been days where Omar and I have looked at each other and thought "Are these people on drugs? Like heavy duty psychedelic drugs?" It really has been that weird.  This has had nothing to do with the kids-although we have had some adventurous times in that area as well.

Don't get me wrong!  We have had some very good things this year as well. I can't ignore that.
The universe seems to be testing us at the moment-and I can't say that I care for it. Nope-not one bit. So, instead of writing a blog this weekend-I posted this picture instead. It is my reminder of what beauty there is in the world. It is our (Omar and myself) reminder of what we are working for. This picture is both my joy and my truth.  I need to remember this-always. Especially when crazy comes calling..

Anyway, the next few weeks might be a tad bit...stressed. So I might be posting more pictures than words. Although one day(hopefully soon) when the dust settles (and I know I won't be sued) I will write all about this time. It has been one hell of an adventure. It's going to make one hell of a story. I am soooo looking forward to writing it. Gleeful even.



Looking for Blue Sky said...

Gorgeous photo and looking forward to the story to come: wishing lots of strength to get through the next few weeks xx

jazzygal said...

And I am SO looking forward to reading it. It is good offload things. I love that photo... gorgeous :-) xx