Monday, February 2, 2009

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat,Repeat........

Sick kids and snowstorms have kept me away from my weekly blog. So instead of my usual type of post, I will instead share some of my journal entries from last week.


Sam is home from school today-stomach flu. He spent the entire night throwing up. I think that for every ounce of food, there is a pound of vomit. Interesting how he can get it everywhere but the toilet. I wonder if "aim" can be worked on in occupational therapy? Must remember to buy laundry detergent.


Sam home again today. Was sick again last night. Why does it seem that children only throw up at two o'clock in the morning, and never at the more convenient two in the afternoon? Washed all his bedding for the second time today. School called, Oscar is got sick. (at least I didn't have to clean it up.) Had to go get him. Quiet afternoon. Sam is in his room playing with castle and Oscar is on the couch watching the same episode of "Caillou" repeatedly. That show annoys me. Perhaps I will get all the laundry done.


Sam back in school today. I thought all was back to normal until Oscar got sick all over the dining room. Dog helped clean it up(yuk). Oscar watching "Caillou". Need to do more laundry. Need to try to get Oscar to watch something else. He has spent the entire morning watching the still same episode of "Caillou" over and over again. I suggested that perhaps he would like to watch another show? He said "No, I like this" , and continued to watch. Rewinding and watching, rewinding and watching.. I don't like "Caillou". He whines. He whines and he has a big head. He whines, he has a big head, and he is bald- without explanation...his parents have hair, his sister has hair, his grandparents have hair...Why doesn't he have hair? His parents even look there something odd going on here? As far as I know, "Caillou" doesn't play the banjo.... Can someone please tell me why he doesn't have hair? Now the dog is sick . Need to get rug cleaner.

Later- Snow storm today. The other kids were released from school early. Now they are ALL watching" Caillou". Something strange is going on here...why this show? I keep hearing the same line repeated over and over again..."Caillou" saying in a very whiny voice "MOMMY Rosie won't pulay(his pronunciation) with me" I am at my breaking point...finally, I went to the t.v. and yelled "She won't play with you because you have a BIG BALD HEAD!!!" To which my shocked children replied.."mama, he can't help that he's bald...He's just different, there is nothing wrong with being different...YOU say that all the time." Hoisted by my own petard! I need to get out of the house. It is either me or the bald kid. Thankfully, it is almost bedtime.


Oscar still sick...Oscar still watching follicle challenged child. Omar is off from work today. I can get out! Although I am afraid to leave...what if I come back and Omar is watching "Caillou" with Oscar? Self preservation takes over...and I run out the door. I returned to find them both happily watching a show about duck hunting. When I asked my now sainted husband how he did it..he said "I just changed the channel"...he just changed the channel....HE JUST CHANGED THE CHANNEL??? I want to weep.


Oscar back in school today. Laundry done. Rug cleaned. School called, Lily is sick....I looked out the window, it is starting to snow. Just in time for the weekend. I should probably pick up some more laundry detergent...and ear plugs. Just in case.


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