Monday, June 1, 2009

kicking kittens

I have started a new blog. This is a guest blog site. It is a place for people to put aside their differences . A common ground. There is way too much fighting about hows and whys-causes and cures. Although I welcome debate-I think that sometimes it is forgotten that it is people that we are debating about. This is a place for anyone who has or lives with someone who has a disability to share a positive story. I want to change the way popular media has discussed disability. My children aren't shadows-they are children. They are not a disability-rather people with a disability. They are people. They count. So please go on over and check it out. I already have my first guest kitten kicker (you'll understand the name-when you go over there.) I would love to spread the word...I would love to read your stories...if you are interested in submitting a story-send it to Thanks-Kathleen


Casdok said...

Great concept! I wish you every luck with it :)

kathleen said...

Thanks...I hope that perhaps over time...I would be able to convince people to submit a story or something...hint hint

Anonymous said...
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