Friday, November 20, 2009

In Ponyville, no one can hear you scream...

"My little pony, My little pony, every day is a dream come true
My little pony, my little pony, how I love to play with you"

The "My little pony" theme song

I thought that I knew what hell was.... Really sick kids whose fevers won't go down, exploding diapers and no available wipes, an overflowing toilet at three in the morning AND you have the stomach flu. You know what I mean. Those moments that are just so overwhelming you don't think that you can go on. I had thought that I had seen it all...been there done that..I was a seasoned pro, A professional mother! Nothing could throw me..nothing...that is until "My Little Pony" came to my computer.

Big headed pastel colored ponies. THAT SING!!! That's right...these pink and purple hoofed spawns of hell sing! Not only that, they also play guitar and dance-and they are really really happy about it! Lily and Zoe adore it. They download it every chance they get. Both of them standing on chairs belting it out as loud( and off key) as they can, into pretend microphones. Over and over...till I'm ready to..sigh...cry?...scream?...sing along?!

There are times in every parents life when they have to turn on their brain filter. You learn to go to that special place in your head, the place that blocks out unnecessary noises..the things that, if you had to listen to them 24/7, would surely drive you mad. Kids television shows, arguments, your son saying "eeeeeeeeee" at the top of his lungs for hours at a time..As a parent , you learn to filter those noises out.."My Little Pony" BREAKS THROUGH that barrier...wraps itself around your brain and SQUEEZES . Their theme song is an "earworm". You find yourself humming it..walking through the the will NOT go away! Even my electrician complained about it. His wife had caught him humming it the other night while he was doing the dishes. Sammy calls "My Little Pony" "an acne that won't go away" He is right. It is that bad.

I have done everything I can think of to make it stop...I've changed the lyrics to.."My uncle Tony".."My macaroni".."My minestrone"..."My big Zamboni"...and when particularly crazed..."My little nervous breakdown" Lily thinks that one is a riot. "Mama!! That's not how it goes!" "I don't care...that's how it goes for me.." "No goes MY LITTLE PONY..MY LITTLE PONY.." Will these persevering ponies not go away?!

I think that some of the designers of popular toys are evil-or deaf. I mean, come on...odds are some of them have kids of their own. Anyone with kids-and a conscience, wouldn't design these things...wouldn't have accompanying videos and songs..anyone with a heart couldn't do that. I think that it should be a job requirement(of toy designers)to spend a week locked in a room with their toys, videos, and music playing and nothing else. If they survive, the toy goes on the market...if they need meds and therapy, it doesn't. I'm betting it would usher in a whole new age of plush toys.

Lily has already asked for "My Little pony" figures for Christmas. I told her that they didn't sing or dance. She said "That's o.k. Mama, I can do it for them...MY LITTLE PONY MY LITTLE PONY..! See! I have it memorized!" sigh..."So do I do I".


Casdok said...

My earworm was the theme tune to the Teletubbies. Thankfully i have weened C off it!

Kim Wombles said...

Pinky and the brain.
Pinky and the brain.
One is a genius,
The other's insane.

In my head. Won't leave. Worse than Another One Bites the Dust. :-)

Did you run across the Youtube videos of hamsters and burritos? Maybe the girls would switch to singing nom nom nom?

I'll find the link and pass it on.

kathleen said...

Hi Casdok! We lived with the teletubbies as took years-years to get Sammy away from them...and don't even mention "Thomas the tank engine" I believe I will only be rid of that when Oscar lives away from home :)

Kim-"another one bites the dust" yes, I have been there-over and over ...The nomnomnom song is great..Oscar loves it..but the girls...sigh..They are listening to it as I write..I hate those happy ponies!

denise said...

Where were you when I was 11?!

That's when my sister was going through her MLP phase-your alternate lyrics would have really helped me out-I like uncle tony and macaroni the best I think.

Clay said...

What's wrong with Pinky and the Brain? I think they're narfy!

You guys are lucky you don't remember the cigarette ad earworms. "You can take Salem out of the country, BUT, you can't take the country out of Salem."

kathleen said...

Hi Denise..Even with alternate lyrics there is NO ESCAPE!!! I think that I will record it-and use it as there alarm clock when they are 16..
Hi Clay..I have so much catching up on your blog to do..the flu really knocked us here-and I wanted to spend quality time reading over the past few posts m:)
As for commercials..I have this weird propensity for memorizing brain is chock full of so many jingles...used to drive my sisters crazy by repeating them over and over ...still do it sometimes :0

jazzygal said...

Oh yeah Kathleen.... I get you. Not familiar with that song at all but have plenty others wreck my brain over the years!

Currently it's a rude song, very rude song that WiiBoy insists on repeating. He learnt it during the summer from his friend and I made the mistake of laughing. it WAS kinda funny. Now he's obsessed by it! Im weaning him off it though.

So sorry to hear that the dreaded flu bug hit your house. I hope all feeling better now.

I ahve WiiBoy home sick with Chicken Pox!! Never rains, ehh?! xx Jazzy

kathleen said...

Hi Jazzy! Chicken pox?? Oh no! I hope that wiiboy isn't too itchy. If You would like, I could send you the "my little pony" soundtrack..:0 I'm just waiting to hear what they find to listen to next..I would so love to know what wiiboy is singing! Although my favorite thing said by him thus far was the..what was it? "Lesbian decision/council/vote/protocol? I laughed hard at that one!

jazzygal said...

Ah no're alright! I'll pass on the Pony song, thanks very much;))lol

Oh, his funny song includes boy know...willys and boobs etc! That one was voting Yes for the Lesbian Treaty ( it was really the Lisbon Treaty that Ireland was voting on!!) Tonight he totally cracked up laughing at the fact that someone playing the Piano is called a Pianist!! Especially when it's a girl.....cos they don't have one!! He knows exactly what it means , he just thinks it's hilarious. He's so funny!
xx Jazzy

kathleen said...

pianist!! hahahahaha! I KNOW my Oscar would LOVE that one!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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kathleen said...

Hi anonymous-thanks. :)