Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've been called many things but never this...

 Papa Bear has graciously awarded me with this "Stylish blogger award"..and I am flattered. Now I know that some people make light of all the blogger awards that are around the blogosphere. But not me!  Hey, I spend most of my time in the company of four kids, three dogs and a things like this award really make my day. So thank you Papa Bear! I hope this sends some traffic your way.

  Now in order to accept the award, I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself and then nominate three more blogs for the award. I decided to share the more quirky  things about here goes.. 

  1) I believe that in no uncertain terms-Lima beans ought to be outlawed. I think that they are one of if not THE most wretched tasting vegetable on the face of the earth.  When my mother would try and serve them for dinner, we would all devise ways to get rid of them. Even my dog loathed them. If you gave them to him he would just let them fall out of his mouth. I used to stuff them in my pocket.

 2) I am not very good at crafts or craft types of projects. My lack of skills and or interest in this type of thing caused me to be dropped from my Brownie troop when I was six. I didn't mind.

3) I can at times be a "literal thinker" much to my embarrassment.  When I was in high school, the topic of "euthanasia" came up. I could not understand the debate or the discussion. I thought "why are all these people making such a big deal about kids in China?"  Thankfully, I kept my thoughts to myself..

4) When I was little, I had an imaginary friend. Her name was "Gengi".(pronounced Jen-Gee) I don't remember when I stopped playing with her.  But, it just so happens that there is a perfume by the same name.
Which makes me wonder if my imaginary friend has been more monetarily successful than I have been. I wonder if she's on Face Book?

5)  I don't know why I started this-but I created an imaginary brother and sister for the kids.  Their names are "Cecil" and "Cheesy". It amuses me to no end to tell Sammy or Lily "It's time for dinner..could you go upstairs and let Cecil know?" Sometimes they play along..(the real kids)  sometimes they get annoyed. I have a good time.

6) I Love watching "The Weather Channel"..(with the exception of "Wake up with Al" because he annoys the crap out of me) I watch it so much that I sent them an email asking that when they were forecasting the weather for my part of the country.."Could the forecaster please step two inches to the right as they were consistently standing in front of my part of the state." It seems to have worked-most of the time anyway...

7) I bought a "Dyson vacuum two years ago.  Not because I thought it was a great product-No, I like how Mr. Dyson( in the commercials) pronounces the letter "S" as in "suction"..strange but true...I do need to get out more.. 

  So there you have it-seven odd little things about me. Now on to the fun part. Three blogs that I find "Stylish"...There are so I'm going to pick two new(to me) ones and a favorite.  

1) Flowers are joy  Because who can resist pictures of lovely flowers-especially in the winter?

2)Kitaiska Sandwich I have only recently started reading her. I have not had the time I wanted to go over as much as I would like to-but I think she's interesting, writes well-and is a champion speller.

3)DSWalkerauthor Again, another blogger new to me. She has interesting posts that invite conversation.


D. S. Walker aka Sue said...

Now I know why Kim likes you so much! :-) Thanks for the award! It is so nice to have people comment on my blog, so I'm glad that you think it invites conversation.

mamafog said...

I think you are certainly deserving of an award! And I'll gladly eat your unwanted lima beans.

Angela said...

Yay! Told you that you are awesome! I totally thought I was the only one that liked the weather channel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen

Thanks! I'm very flattered. I've been enjoying your blog too and I'm glad I found it.

Kim Wombles said...

Hee, new things to know about you, although some things like the lima beans and crafts and Dyson (he is pretty ummm good at selling!) I knew.

:) Hee, an award for the flowers blog, thanks!

Word verification: pharwo which I read as pharma whore. hee. no kidding :-)

@jencull (jen) said...

splattered tea on my screen with the 'youth in asia' you are a funny lady! Jen

jazzygal said...

Whoop! Well done on your award!! I love awards's a great way to acknowledge other bloggers and for your readers to meet some new ones ;-)

LOVE your quirky things! Not impressed that you were turfed out of Brownies though. Sure you're very creative with your imaginary friends and all!

Wonder if there are any business opportunities in the current batch?? ;-)

xx Jazzy

Clay said...

So "right on" about the lima beans, and for me, the next most hated veg is peas. Can't stand the color, texture, or taste of either one.

And you certainly deserve an award. Happy Holidays!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Congrats on the award and love all your interesting revelations :)

Anonymous said...

My lima beans went down the toilet; (Remember the half bath off the kitchen?). You forgot the 3AM infomercials! :) XX00 Ei

Scott Lynn said...

Congrt's Kathleen, it's well deserved. I would have done the same, but since 'Herd was already chosen, I nominated your *ahem* other blog...

...And then caught'ell for it from someone who found the name rather... repulsive. Oh well. You can't please everyone, I guess!

Congrats again, and sorry to make you have to reveal 7 more things about yourself! (I mean that too... I didn't think about sticking with double duties until just now!)

kathleen said...

@ds-thanks-it does!!
@mamafog-I will GLADLY send them to you! :)
@Angela-Isn't the weather channel great? Thanks. :)
@Sarah-you're welcome and thanks:)
@kim-heehee! figures..
@Jen-thanks-oh if you only knew-this is not the only example...sigh..
@Jazzy-I'll have to speak to cheesy and cecil:)
@Clay-Lima beans are evil!! Happy holidays to you too-I hope that all is well with you.
@Eileen-I had to stuff them in my pocket because YOU stole the bathroom! thanks.
@Scott-thanks so much-I really appreciate it. So sorry it brought a troll to your blog though...sigh..

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I loved your seven things - especially the dog letting the limas drop out of his moiuth ( talk about passive agressive)