Saturday, April 23, 2011

The ego has landed...

~"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward."~

 It has been eighteen days since our last major snowfall.  The daffodils are sprouting,..the driveway has cracked from the frost heaves..and the yard is a muddy mess. It's official -Spring has finally come to New England. Along with it-Spring Break. My goodness! Time does indeed fly-It feels like we just had Winter break. But that was only seven weeks ago..of course none of those weeks were full weeks seeing as we had snow days..or kids home sick..or teacher workshops and half days. I don't believe  I have had a full "kid free" week since before Christmas.  Not that I'm counting.   But if I were counting-which I am not, I think that I have had at least one herdling home with me at least one day a week...( sometimes all of them) since..November.  But again, I am not counting.

  This past week has been an adventurous one. My kids are at an age where they are very self destructive entertaining. This week, my girls have discovered the art of painting. It started with rocks and ended..well, it hasn't ended yet.  But I have learned that Windex does indeed remove paint from cars..and rugs...and even hair.. They have moved on to painting modeling clay..Have you ever tried to remove hunks of dried clay from a vacuum cleaner hose?  No, really-that wasn't a rhetorical question...I need to know how to do this.Your input would be greatly appreciated.. The boys have had their pursuits as well. Which they have been kind enough to share.(a lot)  If there is anyone interested in learning the the entire history of "Metroids" along with video accompaniment-just ask-I'd be more than happy to accommodate you..I believe that after this week, I could qualify as an expert on the topic.  You may also be interested in learning why it is Oscar likes the character of Mario so much...
"Mama! Do you know why I like Mario"
"No Oscar, why do you like Mario?"
"Mario has a big nose!"
"That's nice"
"He has a big nose FULL of snot Mama!"
"Say it Mama"
"Say what?"
"Say he has a big nose full of snot!"
"Say it Mama! please!"
"He has a big nose full of snot!"
"O.K. enough Oscar.."
"Do you like Mario?"
"I don't really think about him"
"But he has a big nose"
"I am well aware"
"What is well aware?"
"It means that I know that he has a big nose"
"Full of snot! hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

  I don't want you to think that the whole week was all paint and clay-aliens and snot.  No, there were adult things as well. Last week I was contacted to participate in a conference call with Holly Robinson Peete- (This took place last Friday.) called "A conversation with Holly about autism awareness month".   I have to say at first-it was a rather wonderful ego boost. It is nice to be recognized for the work you are doing in the autism community. I was feeling all kinds of good about myself-truth be told.  I thought "Wow-I will actually have a chance to participate in something-have my voice really be heard." So, as directed, I sent in some questions and eagerly dialed into the conference call. Holly was nice and personable. She told us a little bit of her own story-and why she was involved in advocacy and The HollyRod foundation. Then she started answering questions. *sigh* and that is where she started losing me. Really-a question about HOW she  finds her balance-family career and autism..come on!!! Aren't we ALL in the same position?. Holy crap-I'm on this phone conference during spring break with four kids surrounding me!!  I'm supposed to be interested in how she balances her life??  This isn't advocacy nor was pandering to a celebrity.   There were more "balance" questions..and sibling questions..I even got one of mine answered. The problem is-these were all answered from her personal point of view. Which in many places is different from mine. That's fine.  Different opinions, different ideas-they make up our whole community. I didn't however have a chance to say that. Because this wasn't really a conversation-it was a lecture...and sadly at the end-a sales pitch.  Yup-an online shopping "community" sponsored this call.  They are selling a bracelet and passing the proceeds on to the HollyRod foundation.  I'm not interested in a bracelet! I'm interested in changing the world. The sad thing is that Holly seemed like a very nice person. I would have really enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss advocacy and awareness with her. I could have even told her about Metroids! My ego is not quite the size that would allow me to call this" her loss"-but it is just big enough to have been bruised by this. You win some you lose some.

  There are just two more days until the end of Spring break..two days between me and some decent quiet time. That is as long as it doesn't snow and the kids stay healthy. I will keep everything that I have two of crossed-which is very hard to do. But still- not as hard as cleaning dried clay out of a vacuum cleaner hose... 




Life in the House That Asperger Built said...

Wow! That's a lot! Can't answer the vacuum question. Sorry..

The interview? I'm not sure what to say. SUX! comes to mind. :sigh:

(((hugs))) LOVE YOU!

Kim Wombles said...

I love your tags and am sorry about the bruised ego.

I picture Oscar someday headlining at comedy clubs, getting the audiences to repeat farmers nipples and other incongruous word choices and laughing, getting the whole crowd to laugh along. :)

Lizbeth said...

I have nothing to offer on the vacuum other than cut out the clayed section and duct tape the remaining hose parts together. Not very helpful, huh?

Sorry about Holly. I happen to think it IS her loss.


Brian@bothsidesofthecoin said...

As a fellow big-noser with Mario, I take umbrage to the snot remark. Only sometimes is it filled with the snot. But it is creative. If you want, I'll give you some nose insults to help with. My favorite was that my nose is impotent, it's just long and hangs there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,

Definitely Holly's loss. Good luck with the vacuum cleaner. Can you unhook the hose, squeeze it together (i.e. push it down like a slinky) and try to get the clay out with a knife? My fingers are crossed that your week goes as you wish.
Love, Ei

autismand said...

Holly's missed out on a great opportunity.
(Can you get an online shopping community to take an interest in marketing painted moddeling clay? Because then you could host a conference call and it would be you that was the celebrity!)

Clay said...

Hit and/or bend the hose against a hard object, that should break the clay loose.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I adore your writing

Lovely post
ANd totally her loss- I have a lot of sympathy for all autism mums but she sounds like she was really wanting some pandering to her ego

jazzygal said...

You've just got rid of your snow and it looks like Ireland's Spring has changed places with Summer! lOVELY SUNSHINE, i JUST HOPE WE DON'T GET wINTER in June for summer hols. 'Cos Easter 2 week hols is hard enough! Jeez.

OMG... WiiBoy is ALWAYs making me say stuff like that, then falling about the place laughing! Maybe you should have talked about a nose full of green snot at 'the talk'??!!

xx Jazzy

kathleen said...

@life in the house-yeah *sigh* it WS quite a week! and yup..the Holly thing was a HUGE let down-it sucked. ((())) thanks-right back at you.

@kwombles-yup-THAT is exactly what we envision him doing one day..:)

@Lizbeth-thanks. ((()))

@Brian-uuhhh..well..THAT certainly paints an "interesting" picture!! ;0

@anonymous-thanks Eileen

@bbsmum-HAHAHAHA-I so adore your humor!..ummm so if I set up a special vaccuum cleaner conference call can I count on you to join me?

@Clay-HI! I hope you are doing well..have gotten through this dradfully long winter healthy and happy. Thanks for the tip-it did work!

@k-floortime-Thanks-and I yours. Oh your writing is like such fluid and beautiful poetry. Yes-I do believe it was about her ego. She seems to forget that many of us face the same things that she has..she is not an expert..*sigh* I think she is so removed from the general public that she forgets...

@Jazzy-THAT certainly would have made an that I think about it..perhaps I should have!! I have weather envy! Although that won't stop me from wishing your summer holidays are breathtaking and beautiful :)