Saturday, September 6, 2014


~“This wasn't just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.”~ Dorothy Parker




    Hindsight is an interesting concept.  I guess that for many people, it gives them a chance to look back on certain events with perspective. Perhaps they could have handled a certain situation differently? Maybe they were spot on. I suppose it can give one clarity. For me, hindsight requires twisted sheets and sleepless nights spent tossing and turning muttering "What was I thinking?!!" "I can't believe that I said THAT! It wasn't what I meant!"..and then I wonder how I can "fix" it..smooth things over..make things right...Oh hindsight you are a harsh mistress!
    It wasn't always like this for me. I used to be different..quiet (sometimes). But I have come to realize something about myself as of late-something rather important. I have been a full time mother/laundress/housekeeper(sort of)/short order cook/appointment maker and accompanier(among other things) for close to sixteen years. Everything that I have done has revolved around my kids. I don't regret that in the least. However, because I have been so kid focused-kid centered-immersed in all things kid....I seem to have lost my social skills. I no longer know how to conduct myself with adults. Or maybe I just don't have time to do all the social niceties that are required in having a grown up conversation?  I don't know..I guess I'd rather just get to the point and move on. I swear that If I had a school file it would probably say "Does not play well with the other adults."  I'm kind of wondering if this is a good thing or not.

  I've learned a lot from having children. I have learned even more from having children on the spectrum. And we certainly have a spectrum at our house-especially now that we officially know that all four are on it. Someone recently told me that we would be perfect for a reality show...four kids on the spectrum, two loving parents, cats, a dog-chickens! "It would be so interesting!" they declared. Interesting?  I think that it would be rather boring..unless of course- you wanted to watch me ask the kids to "Please put away your laundry!" repetitively-and sometimes in different languages. I mean, if that's your thing-fine...But,we're pretty regular as families go. Or as Sam would say (especially at times when Oscar was doing something particularly embarrassing in public-like grabbing a mannequins butt while declaring his love for it) "Nothing to see here folks!" 

 My kids have taught me to be straight forward and honest-because they are. They go out everyday into a world that isn't always inviting to them-yet,they try to make their own place in it.
They are decent people who care very deeply about the people in their lives-even when those people aren't as considerate of them.I admire their confidence...Sometimes I admire their honesty.. But then again....

"Hey Mama! Look at this old picture of you! Your skin used to be so smooth! What happened?"
"You look really tired and old today Mama."
"Why do your eyebrows look like that?"
"Your elbows are really saggy..."
"You don't need makeup-no one is going to look at you anyway."
        ( My ego soars).

sometimes...I don't. But-living with such  honesty..(and really-it isn't ALL about my appearance-sometimes Omar's is included..)..I guess, has kind of rubbed off-especially as of late. I don't know what has happened-but my already thin social filter has simply gone-vanished-left the building. Which is not helping me win any popularity contests lately. It has gotten so-that If I still had a "permanent record"-mine would say "Does not play well with the other adults." It isn't as if  I'm afraid to speak my mind-to stand up for what I believe in-I'm not!...I just wish that I could do it I do in my head at night when I'm tossing and turning all twisted in my sheets.. 

  I find that I am leery of even Facebook!   All the status updates!  Should I "like" that you are at your grandmothers funeral? Or that you are prepping(in great detail) for a colonoscopy? Or letting your "ta ta's" free? Should I even know these things?  I mean, I am one of your six thousand friends...but still...

  So, I have come to a the real world (off line) I'm just going to keep quiet (it will be hard) and concentrate on the things that I need to do. i.e. getting the kids to school (thwarted two "personal day" attempts so far) finding gainful employment (I no longer work for free) and hanging out with the people and chickens that I love best..As for social media? I think its best that I don't least not right's best I get some perspective first....


Looking for Blue Sky said...

I hope that the family and the chickens are good to you - especially Dorothy - and please come back soon xx

Unknown said...

Oh gosh fb is the worst! I already have a self imposed ban for commenting on forums, I think I need to disconnect from fb again before I do real harm!

kathleen said...

I'm here blue sky..all is calming down..thanks..

@WaggerMama-I absolutely understand and agree with you! Social media can be treacherous! It can be lovely too..I guess it's just about finding the balance..