Friday, May 15, 2009

Will Jennys poop be a hit with her fans?

I was over at autism nostrum earlier..I was intrigued by her post "Jenny McCarthy is full of poop" That's right...Jenny McCarthy has blogged about poop. I just had to go over to "" to check this out. I thought I would share a little of it here.(the bold is her)

"I don't know why, I've always loved talking about poop" Perhaps because you are full of it? " me it is a great tool in detecting whats wrong with our bodies." But what about your mind Jenny? "I continuously monitor Evans poop by sending it to labs to get tested to make sure things are all running smoothly"I've heard it said that boys often look for traits of their mothers when choosing a are seriously thinning out the dating pool for him. Please step away from the potty Jenny-I changed diapers for ten years two months and eight can get to you. Have you thought about seeking professional help? "I decided to take the test myself and see how my body was doing. Considering I come from a history of lifelong constipation(I'm talking every 14 days before a movement)...(she's just handing it to me here!) So you do admit that you are full of it? I'm so happy you are finally acknowledging it! Let go Jenny! Let poop! "Low and behold, my tests came back and I'm a mess! I could have told you that and saved you the lab fee. "I have two gnarly gut bugs, and I have extremely high amounts of yeast in my gut." You mean like you are supposed to ?"So, I started myself on an anti-fungal, and my poops have been phenomenal!" Yes, and you have certainly been spreading it everywhere!

For the first time since I heard Ms. McCarthy speak about autism-I am glad that she is part of the anti-vax movement. This is their spokesperson. .Oh wait, sorry, she's not anti-vax..just anti no...anti...anti freeze? can you be against something that's against something? No, it is not that..she is for greening our vaccines! that's right..wait, wasn't she indigo? I guess it just doesn't matter-the important thing is that she is "regular".

Crap-I didn't follow the link at nostrum...although I had great fun with this "white coat underground" did it so much better...He gets 5 gold poops!


Kim Wombles said...

You, nostrum, Orac, and so many others are having such fun! I've laughed all day going from one blog to the next! :-)

kathleen said...

She gave me such a gift with this...I can only hope that she keeps blogging!

Casdok said...

Love this post! Now must go and check out that blog!!

WildKat said...

This post made me laugh so hard! I just found your blog through a link on another blog (Pitt Rehab) and will definitely keep an eye out for updates!

kathleen said...

@Casdoc-thanks..I cannot believe that they let her post that...her writing makes me wonder who really wrote her books!
@WildKat-thanks..I love writing funny stuff-I'm not all that good at being serious..