Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's not easy being queen...

"It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would

Kill you quicker if they didn't"

Barbara Kingsolver

I knew it would happen eventually. It was just a matter of time. The quiet routine of my family was bound to be disrupted. If there is one thing I have learned as a mother, it is not to take anything for granted. Things might be going along swimmingly for a time, and then all of a sudden-BAM! Something comes along that knocks you off kilter.

For eleven years, I have been the queen of the castle, the lord of the dance, the herder of the herd. My word was law. Oh sure, they might not like what I was saying, might not agree with me about cleaning up, going to bed, bathing and whether or not Pokemon was real. But they trusted my judgement..trusted me. I have been quite comfortable here on my throne. A little too comfortable. I wasn't paying attention..reading the signs.

A new group of parents have moved into town. I will never personally meet them-they are not welcome in my home. Oh, but they will try to get in anyway, to spread their influence. I remember meeting them when I was a kid. My parents didn't like them either. At the time, I could not understand why. I thought that they were great! I thought that they were wise. I thought that they could teach my parents a thing or two. I even invited them home, formally introduced them . My parents shunned them. It infuriated me! How could they be so mean.?Sigh...I understand now. After ruling the roost for eleven years, after working hard to establish a routine, a pattern..this group of unknown parents is trying to usurp me!

Sammy, has tried to bring them home a few times these past weeks. So far, I have thwarted their influence. "Mama?".."Yeah buddy?"..." know that show "Family Guy"?".."Yeeees?".." know how you won't let us watch it?"..."Um..yeah.." "Well..OTHER PARENTS let their kids watch!" ..."Sammy, come on we've talked about're simply not exper...wait a second...who?".."OTHER PARENTS." ...Nooooooo!.."Mr. and Mrs. Other" have come to town. You all know them. Some of you may have already heard about them. Their influence is like a virus. They are the ones who never make their kids go to bed early, don't care if they eat healthy, let them watch anything on t.v., think firecrackers are great fun and that jumping off the roof is wonderful exercise. (The "other parents" that I knew as a kid..let their fourteen year old daughters attend rock concerts out of state with a group of college boys.) Have they no conscience? No boundaries?? Have they never been to the emergency room?

No. I can not let their disregard for manners and safety lure my children. If I concede, even if only once, they will take over! Infecting my children little by little until chaos reigns! I will not give in without a fight! So, I have come up with a anecdote. The last time Sammy decided to tell me what the "Other Parents" were allowing the "Other Kids" to do, I suggested that he invite those "Other Kids" over to the house. (I imagine they would be an unhealthy looking bunch....what with staying up round the clock living on popcorn and lemonade..not to mention riding their bikes all night long.) I told Sammy that they would probably be happy to come over to a welcoming house with healthy food and someone to look after them. I also told him how envious they would be seeing that he had a mother who took such good care of him. And about how lucky he was to be growing up healthy strong and very well rested. So far this tactic seems to be working. They haven't shown up yet. Then again, we have a house rule-no guests until I personally talk to the parents. It seems that "Other Parents" phone number is unlisted. I don't know what I'll do if that changes. But, so far so kingdom is still intact.


Jen said...

Oh dear, good luck with that. The 'other parents' thing never once worked on my parents, but I most likely exaggerated anyway. I am sure they knew this, just as I will know when my children try this tactic. I think 'other parents' get much stronger into the teen years...........along with 'you are ruining my life' type dramatic statements!! lol. Jen.

Clay said...

Long live the Queen!

Kim Wombles said...

Hah, Clay beat me to it! I was going to write "All hail the queen!"

:-)Have you gotten the, "But Moooooother!" yet?

kathleen said...

Hi Jen..I have already gotten "I didn't ask to be born!" in which I replied "Well neither did I, yet here we are, so what do we intend to do about it" I soooo don't look forward to adolescence..if they are anything like I was..well, at least I'll be able to give them a run for thier money.
Hi Clay-thank you..:) Lets hope my queendom lasts until they are in their twenties or so..
Hi Wombleator ;0 No...I get "MMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAAAA???!!!" an awful lot though :)

Chelli said...

I am SO not looking forward to the age when the "other parents" make their appearance! Knowing Noah, he will surely use that tactic....repetitively most likely. :)

jazzygal said...

Oh yeah Kathleen...I hear ya!
Their are "others" here too! Unfortunately I haven't won the Family Guy battle but I am winning the "no over 18" console games. He played one in his best friends house and I'm not really ahppy about it...but the game is to be "lost" so hopefully that happens! I will be checking.

I'm glad your Kingdom is knocks the Queen off her throne! xx Jazzy.

kathleen said...

Hi Chelli-yes, I know what you mean..:)
Jazzy! Glad to see you..I know your life has been hectic! I you have to worry about friends houses-and the things that they do there..sigh..keeping up the kingdom is hard work isn't it?

denise said...

I wonder about that whole emergency room thing myself! Great post Kathleen, I loved it.

kathleen said...

Thanks Denise..I know. Sometimes I think "what the hell is wrong with these other parents!" So long as they remain fictional..we should be o.k...I hope? :)

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