Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding the joy...one clap at a time..

"I have found such joy in simple things.." from the poem by Grace Noll Crowell

  Someone told me this morning that they thought that there were more horrible things than good in the world. Wow. That really threw me. .Because, that's one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard..and I have heard some crazy things..I mean I do live with four kids, three dogs, a cat and a very patient husband.   Oh sure, I can name a litany of horrible things..war, crime ,greed, pollution .All of them- big things..terrible things...awful things  Don't get me wrong..I don't trivialize them.. But come on-is that all there really is?    And yeah, we all have had bad days..we've all had bad things happen to us..seen awful things.Some people more than others.   But if day after day the only thing you focus on is the horrible...well then maybe you are standing in the wrong place...looking in the wrong direction. Hanging with the wrong crowd . Because there is so much good out there..so much joy. The problem is...that it is up to us to find it and some people...sigh... have simply forgotten how to look.   I blame the lack of applause.

    Think about it.  As a small child everything you did from taking your first step to using the potty has not only been met with happiness but with clapping and boisterous approval.   Now imagine finding that same sort of approval in your day to day life as an adult .What a huge difference it would make!. You wake up one morning running late, your car breaks down..you get caught in the rain..and still you manage to make it in to work.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were greeted with applause for having done so?  I know I'd be thrilled if people clapped because I had gotten the laundry folded and put away. Don't you think it would be great? I really believe that we need to bring clapping back.No longer should it be only for children, athletes or celebrities  We could organize..have rallies..make signs..chant... "Bring back the clap!  Bring back the clap!" I do believe it could make a difference.

  But I'm getting carried away. I look at it this way-I have four incredible children..three of which are on the spectrum.  They work so very hard at learning the skills they will need to navigate this very confusing world-and they do this simply because I ask them to. How could I in good conscience ask them to work so hard if I did not think that it was worth it?  If I thought the world in which I brought them was mostly horrible?  What would be the point?   

  There is so much good and beauty and joy in this world.   And although, it might not make the headlines..or be the top story in the evening news.. it is there.  You just need to know how to look for it, and where to look. That the little things do add up... I guess it's all in perspective. But I think that a little more clapping and a lot less booing could make a big difference. Now, I am going to go finish the six loads of laundry that need doing . Please...don't hold your applause.


@jencull (jen) said...

Well said and I happen to agree with every word. There is so much good and happiness to be found if we are willing to be open to it:) *claps*


Kim Wombles said...

Clapping! Yay! Doing the laundry is huge. :-)

There are bright spots, funny spots, hilariously absurd spots. There is joy. And there is the wonder at what is next!

kathleen said...

Jen and Kim-thanks for the claps..:)

Casdok said...

More clapping!!
There is beauty all around us.
Its a pity the media focus on the negative much of the time.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

clap clap clap

I love your post
Love and beauty is all around
its funny but I notice the good more becasue of my autistic son

Nicer people are in my world , get to see people's kind and nice side

And have connected with a whole bunch of people online ( such as yourself ) who dont have any interest in competing as to whose child is winning some game

In fact Autism has been a filter that separates the wheat from the chaff

jazzygal said...

Yes...bring back Applause (you might need to rethink the use of the word "clap"!!)I like your thinking Kathleen. What's the point if we were all to believe that, eh?

For some people the glass is always half full, for others it's half empty but as a wise friend of mine recently put it..... it doesn't matter whether or not the glass is half full or empty, there's ALWAYS more room for more....WINE!!

I like her thinking too ;-)

xx Jazzy

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am trying again. I have a blank for visual verification - so maybe that is the problem.

I hope this gets through. I absolutely loved this blog. Well written, funny and true. Keep going. Your blog is a bright spot in my week.


kathleen said...

Thanks everyone for your responses..I am overwhelmed at times by how much good there is..I think more people see it than don't. It just seems though that the negative people-who see only horror and awfulness get the attention..shame isn't it?