Saturday, May 24, 2014


~"[Atticus] would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning."~ Harper Lee from To Kill a Mockingbird 

Omar spending time with his girls
I wanted to make sure to write a post about fathers a few weeks ago-seeing as it was fathers day..and then my laptop broke down..and the kids started Summer vacation(and they don't share their computer very well)..and all kinds of things came up and I never seemed to be able to just sit down and think-much less write.  So-this post has been a long time coming..


I started this post almost a year ago.  My Intention was to write something about Omar..about the man that he is, the father he is..and basically what an all around good kind of guy that he is. But then..two days after I took that picture-all kinds of interesting adventures began..mishaps and mayhem took place Involving different kinds of crazy ideas and adventures..steps forward and backwards..silly little dances with even sillier small people..and we had the kids to take care of too!   It has been eventful and tumultuous..topsy-turvy and of writing about what an absolutely wonderful father..husband and sexy hunk of man Omar is..I'm going to write about a major decision we have come to..a choice we are action plan per say..After this incredibly silly year of some highs and many lows..These forty plus weeks of mind boggling weirdness with a cast of characters whose "characters" would astound even the stoutest of hearts..(Unfortunately, we have had to be tight lipped, tongue tied, closemouthed and restrained)  We are tried and tired. Therefore, we have come to a decision..

 Drum roll please......



Yup!  We are telling it like it is..throwing down the gauntlet, taking no prisoners..We are unequivocally unpretended- straightforward, unbiased and plain, right up front, talking turkey. We are done, through, finished..mad as hell and we aren't gonna take it anymore..We have been put down, set down, knocked down and insulted.  Ripped up, run down, torn apart and gutted.  

That ends now. 

We have made a set of rules, of regulations, guidelines-a decree. A chapter and verse, by the book, criterion- a maxim, a model-an ordinance..a formula, a basis A PRECEDENT!

If you can not conduct yourself with seemliness,decency,decorum-civility,and/or convention.. can't mind your p's and q's, suavities or social graces..and choose instead to cast down, shoot down,take down, put down, demoralize and debase..

The kindly please..

Pipe down, dry up, fall silent, dummy up..button your lip, cut the it, plug it put a sock in it..ENOUGH ALREADY!...because, if you don't have anything good to say....

We just aren't that interested.


We are too busy prevailing, persisting,subsisting and existing. We have so much joy, jocundity,exuberance and hopefulness- all kinds of grandiloquence!..That we can not be bothered with anyone's enmity, indignity,spitefulness and despitefulness..and all the other many kinds of "itefulnesses" that have just spun our world these past many months. We are done..we have taken our power back..cast the nastiness aside...and it feels good. Oh, and Omar is still the best of fathers, husbands..and an all around good guy..We are blessed to have him by our side. How wonderful is that?

Dorothy says-"cluck off"



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Looking for Blue Sky said...

I feel empowered just reading that :D

Stephanie Allen Crist said...

Awesome! Talk about a phoenix rising!!! ;)

kathleen said...

Thanks all-it felt oh so very good to write!..Even better to recite very loudly! :)