Sunday, May 11, 2014

AHAIRness month....

~"There's many a man has more hair than wit"~William Shakespeare


    Last month, I wrote a  post about inclusion-and the fact that the local Special Olympics swim meet was not accessible to everyone.  I was pretty loud on the topic-meaning that I wrote the post, asked people to share it on Facebook, asked people to send emails and...contacted the media. The response was phenomenal.  I don't know how many people wrote in-or shared the post-but it was picked up by the local media, I was interviewed by one of our local news stations..and the head of Special Olympics publicly stated that this would not happen again (Yay!). I was not particularly thrilled with how my interview and subsequent write up was edited.  But the results were what we wanted and we got them. So, I want to thank any of you who helped spread this story. WE did something-made something happen-changed something for the better. Go us!  It was an interesting adventure in all sorts of things-I learned a lot from the experience..and I thought that was that. Case closed-back to regular life..But then....

  One of my short stories came to the attention of one of our local Newspapers, and they asked to interview me for Autism Awareness Month-or as I call it "The month of ick".  I was a little hesitant..well no..actually I was kind of excited...well, maybe a tiny bit hesitant...The whole news report thing had made my life a little bit uncomfortable and I didn't want to go through that again..but..alright, I'll be honest..How cool is that? They wanted to interview me! I mean, all the other cool blogger mothers have done interviews..Now someone was interested in us? So I said.."Let me think about it."..NOT! I said "SURE! YES! O.K!"  I admit, I was perhaps a tad bit...interested hyper-actively exuberant. The reporter gave me a list of questions...which I answered in great detail..incredible detail...think bells-whistles-surround sound-in living color detail...I wrote a lot.This time there would be not mistakes-this time I would get it right.  The finished piece was lovely-and more a credit to the interviewer and her wonderful editing skills(and patience) than to me. The pictures weren't bad either...well, except for my hair.  My hair for some reason looked as if it were auditioning for a role on "Petticoat Junction."  It was just that went from a pony some sort of bouffant like side pony tail. I have no idea of how that happened-AND I refuse to take responsibility for it.

  Anyway, I wasn't sure if I wanted to share the article here or not. I was a bit torn as I don't really post pictures of the kids...but then was brought to my attention that the article also featured a video. So..I figured at this point-so many people have seen it-why not?...if only to give my hair the recognition it was going, here is a link to it..The interview and the video...and my hair in all its glory

Here it is

So, that is the story of my month in the spotlight.  I suspect (and hope) that things will quiet down for a while..although my hair however, has informed me that it is available for public speaking engagements...just leave it a message in the comments.



jazzygal said...

Oh Kathleen, how fabulous! I think I've 'known' you for most of your 5 years of blogging and this is the first time I get to see you and hear your voice, and your children too of course. It is truly wonderful to 'meet' you all over again :-)

It is a lovely piece about you and your family and I love that your humour that is so you shines true. And that you're raising awareness.

Well done on all that you've achieved this month ....and I love the side pony tail! xx

denise said...

I swear that video link wasn't there the day I read that interview- or maybe it was broken. I don't know why you're worried about your hair when you had such a fabulous scarf on- so pretty!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I remember reading and sharing the article at the time, but I never got around to watching the video, I just have though, and I'm very glad I did. As Jazzy says, it's wonderful to see you and your amazing children and to hear your voice too!